Why eBay Stealth Account Is Important For eBay Sellers?


 eBay sellers not able to understand with their selling limit and unaware with the doubts on how to increase it? And how to increase the business profit? 

In this blog we’re going to analyse eBay sellers pain points and how to overcome those with eBay stealth account.

eBay Platform 

According to the recent reports, eBay platform growth increased in the mid of 2019,  and earned 182 million eBay users worldwide. 

And in percentage it is expected to increase to 10-15% in 2021, when compared to the previous year 2020.

The top selling eBay product goes to electronics and accessories 

If you’re new to eBay, there you have to analyse the trending product and it also tells you how many times the product or the product category has been searched in a week.

eBay has an advanced tool called promoted listing, that allows the eBay sellers to boost their listings visibility and consequently sales.

If you carry out your sales with a free shipping facility, then it is considered as an added advantage to boost your listings in the eBay search results.

eBay Rules & Policy Restrictions

eBay platform is designed with strict rules and regulations and the ebay sellers have to work under this set of enforced rules.

According to the eBay policies, the  sellers asked to strictly follow its terms and conditions in the activities of eBay orders- return, refunds, customer service

if any of the sellers failed to follow up with its rules, there it immediately impose hold/restriction/suspension on that seller.

eBay Hold:

It imposed a hold on the ebay sellers account when the seller failed to notice the expired methods of payment or late payments.

Hold is a state where the sellers are able to reinstate their eBay account back, as soon as the eBay seller updates the  payment method or settles the unpaid bill.

eBay Restriction:

eBay is a severe warning initiated to the seller, it reduces the performance standards on the eBay sellers account.

In this case the seller is supposed to read on the eBay restriction mail properly.

After properly understanding why the account is restricted, the seller can take necessary action to get the sellers account back.

eBay Suspension:

It is mostly considered to be the ending statement to your eBay sellers account.

eBay impose suspension only to the sellers, who doesn't follow the rules and try to do the sales more than the selling limits

ebay suspension is the horrifying case , it completely locks the ebay account and makes the eBay sellers not to do further sales.

Moreover this platform creates strict restrictions not only to protect eBay itself, but also to protect sellers and buyers. 

What Is eBay Stealth Account?

"ebay stealth account" is nothing like the second ebay account. These stealth account are legally approved by eBay.

The stealth account are created with the independent identity of the users and these account are created from scratch by the experts in the payment providers.

In general, ebay stealth account are familiar to the eBay sellers which is readily available in the marketplace

It allows the ebay sellers to do sales in higher limits and you can find the eBay stealth account with more than 10000 selling limit

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