Why eBay account With Feedback Is Indispensable

eBay is the largest online auction site which holds millions of sellers and buyers into its platform. This online ecommerce platform ought to give preference for all its sellers. 

In order to fulfil its motto this platform tightly modified its terms and conditions and insisted, everyone in its platform to follow it.

Due to its policies and restricted selling limits ebay sellers suffer to do bulk trade.

The sellers have to acquire the status high selling limits and eBay feedback score to proceed out their bulk selling. This status varies for every seller, mostly this time depends on how much eBay feedback that the seller account holds and how the seller gets the  star ratings by satisfying the customers.

This essentiality influences every ebay seller's search to get the eBay account with  feedback and to get an ebay account with good star rating to their listing products. 

Despite the eBay account feedback and eBay  review score decides the ebay sellers account- selling limits .

Customers also prefer the feedback and rating of the product to purchase.

Lets have brief knowledge about feedback and rating for the ebay seller account.

Why eBay Sellers Account Need Positive Feedback

Generally customers decide to buy products from eBay, they first used to search for that particular product.

Second step they will analyse on review and ebay feedback rating on the particular product and find the best seller. 

Here they decide the best seller--> based on the number of highest feedback and selling limits. 

This essentiality makes every seller get an ebay account with feedback and good star ratings and this also influences them to aged ebay account from the sellers, which in nature improves their eBay selling limits. 

eBay search engine algorithm feedback score - deciding factors

If the customer acquires one  positive feedback- sellers rating increases by one.

If the customer acquires one negative feedback- sellers ratings decreased by one

If the customers acquires nil feedback - No changes will reflect in their sellers ratings

Seller needs to concentrate the shipping process

Every buyer loved to get their order at the reputed delivered time that is mentioned by the seller in the listing. 

At this point the sellers have to make sure that the delivery should be on time to the customers.

If in case, the delivery time is mismatched then it will surely frustrate the seller, where they make a decision to put negative feedback.

In order to avoid this, make your shipping time exactly.

Be Careful While Dispatching The Items / Products

Be careful while dispatching the products/ items from your place. If your service is damaged/ alternate brand send to your customers, then surely customer get irritated and post a strong negative feedback about your listing 

If the customer gets the product without damage, then they intended to leave positive reviews about you and this will improve your product ratings.

How ebay sellers can overcome the negative feedback

If you are a seller and received negative feedback for the product, then don't be worried, all you have to do is just contact the person and get the reason for the negative feedback. 

Rectify your mistakes from the negative feedback. From this way you can overcome the negative feedback on ebay. 

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