Role Of eBay’s Best Match Algorithm and Tips On Best Listing

eBay is the one of the best and leading eCommerce marketplace. It has over 183 million users around the world. 

For the sellers it has a pierce of competition when it comes to placing a better listing. 

With your aged ebay sellers account you can easily start to sell, buy and bid through auction. It is what makes eBay a unique platform that the other online eCommerce sites. Here an product can happen between consumer to consumer and business to consumer. 

Each day the buyers come up with different buying terms to find out the product and that's what sellers keep changing and update their selling format periodically. 

Unless a rare product for every common product there are plenty of vendors and brands available on market. But how eBay decides one product from a seller to place higher on ebay listing and the same kind of product from different seller to list lower?

How eBay shows a book when buyers search for a book but not a book punching machine? That’s where ‘best matching algorithm’ takes place.

Role of best match algorithm: 

When a search takes place the result page that eBay shows is what ‘best match’ and it is designed to show most relevant items on listing first. 

eBay claims that there is no secret to get higher in listing but they still accept that there are some factors that decide which items match the best for a search.

The best match algorithm designed in the way which item gets a better position in listings. The factors are…

Buyers search term and listing: First thing first, It is important that how closely a search term  matches with listing. It is exactly how a common search takes place. If the search term is on your title of the listing, description then your item takes place in the best match. But remember it does not decide position in listing. 

Popularity matters: It is obvious that demand is always proportional to the talk of the town. It does not mean reviews and ebay acount feedback, but if an item sells large in a short span of time it is what popularity is. It is based on sales and impressions.

Honest price: Best match algorithm decides an item as best match based on how competitive the price among all the sellers and how reasonable the price for that product category. 


Listing quality: A detailed description of the item, images of the item from all angles, specifications, features are the basic factors which determine the quality of the listing. Any omission of any above will result in a bad impression to buyers.

Policy and terms: The common policies, terms of services, return and refund policies play an important role in online purchase. When a buyer wants to buy product A with guarantee of refund and return and if missing those on listing, buyers tend to filter out the products.  

Feedback and reviews: Yes of course it cannot achieve overnight. But excellent customer service, honesty over product details, correct pricing and quality shipping will help to achieve them. Best match gives priority most to the feedback from buyers and feedback from eBay.

Some tips on best listing selling practice:

Title optimization: As said search term on title helps great to place in the best match. eBay allows your title upto 80 characters. Draft matching title which is optimized with keywords that buyers used to search. 

Quality Images: Use high resolution images of the products from all the angles and use expert help if needed. eBay sellers account allowed upto  12 free images to upload. 

Description and specification: Make a description which details about the product and make sure the features(size, colour, make, style, model, usability, condition), limitations, defects(if any) are covered cleanly. 

Specify the product under correct categories. Choose the best matching category from the list and also use second category options from eBay. It helps buyers to know about products and helps them to find.

Selling format: eBay allows to sell through auction, direct selling or both. Choose the correct selling format for your item .If your product is common, choose direct selling. If it is rare or collectable choose auction. You can choose both when your product is common and in high demand.

Fix right price: Buyers tend to buy a product for reasonable price, So fix a price that best for the product. But fixing a price less than your competitor will make your listing move to a higher position.

Draft clear policy: Try to cover everything regarding return, refund, shipping charge, payment method and terms. Which is more important to have upfront to the sale.

Maintain positive history: 

This can be easy to achieve when you are totally honest with your customers and with eBay. 

Make sure delivery is on time, ensure product availability to avoid cancellation and maintain high quality customer service.

These factors are purely based on sellers' experience and eBay tries to make their platform more customer driven. So, actions we take within the eBay policy will definitely pay your business. Good luck on selling!

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