How To Overcome The eBay Suspension/ Restriction

eBay is one of the biggest online selling platforms. It has millions of customers in its platform as they used to do selling and buying on the eBay platform. 

The most painful point that every eBay seller faces in this platform is its eBay hold/ suspension/ restriction/ hold on ebay. 

All sudden the eBay sellers account has been put under these pain cases and even the eBay sellers don’t know why their account gets suspended on eBay. 

As a result if the ebay sellers account gets suspected, there seller lost the whole transaction details, customer  details and follow up details. It totally struck the seller’s trade.

 If you are an eBay seller and your account gets suspended. Here we buyebayaccount would like to share some ideas on how to overcome and keep safe your ebay account for sale from eBay suspension/ restriction/ hold 

First know about the common reason for the eBay restrictions

Reason 1- Forgot to pay the seller fees on time.

Reason 2- Forget to refund reimbursement to eBay.

Reason 3- Violating the eBay terms and conditions 

Reason 4 - Forget to  update your payment method on eBay.

Reason 5 - Forgot to verify your account information 

How To React After eBay Restriction 

If you find that your ebay account for sale is under the restriction, then it will totally lock all your sales details and without the eBay support team help,  you cannot recover your account  on eBay. 

If you want to get rid of eBay restriction then follow out the below steps

  • stay calm 
  • Go to your registered email id for eBay, there open your mail inbox and search for the eBay mail. The reason for the restriction will be clearly intimated in your email.Read it twice and resolve your error cases based on the email. If you carefully follow up the instruction in the email then you will get 
  • If you are not satisfied with the reason orelse, if you want to get more clarification, then seek your support from the eBay help line. 

How To React After eBay Suspension

If you noticed that your ebay account with feedback and selling limits,  went under the ebay suspension then obviously you are in a finger crossed situation, because ebay suspension is more severe than the eBay restriction and the hold. 

Ebay input suspension-> only to the sellers who disobey its terms and conditions of eBay. In such a case it is not a possible case to get your ebay account back.  

Some Other Reasons For eBay Suspension

eBay sellers sometimes failed to control their transaction defect rate. eBay setup threshold level for every eBay seller account.

eBay calculates the percentage of the total transaction by the eBay seller. If the eBay seller has a 1 or 2 percentage defect during the transaction, then ebay will restrict your eBay account.

Another most important reason is the late shipment rate, Late delivery time, if the seller shipped the product not on time or the product reached the customer , exceeding the delivery time then it impacts the buyer to post a negative review and poor star rating about the seller. 

When a seller continuously gets negative feedback then it will bring that seller's account under the eBay hold/restriction. your product on delay time to the customer. 

Next if the eBay seller does not respond to the customer queries on time there also it will bring the issues of ebay hold/restriction. 

Next if the seller sells the low quality product, or delivers the mismatched product then this factor also irritates the buyers and manipulates them to make negative feedback against the seller. 

If you tend to avoid all the above said mistakes then it will help you to get you out from the eBay suspension / restriction / hold.

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