How To Boost your Revenue On eBay

In this digital era there seems to be a wide number of  opportunities for any business person who are, looking to grow their business online. 

eBay is one of the largest ecommerce platforms where the online sellers can enroll themselves easily to sell and buy the goods.

Starting your business on the eBay platform is much simpler but the only problem business people feel is to reach global reach and to attract a large number of active customers. Yup! This eBay platform is loaded full of competitions and hence sellers strive hard to place their products on the top of eBay’s search results pages.

Let's discuss here on how to beat the crowded competition, and optimise, boost up  your eBay store.

If you are ready to lift up your eBay account for sale  listing and to rank your product top in the eBay search  then first concentrate on your SEO first.

Steps To Optimize Your Listing

Optimization helps to rank your product easily on the relevant Bay searches.

Keyword Analysis

If you buy eBay account then you have to do on first step is the optimization 

To do this you have to undergo first on Keyword analysis for your listing products. Keywords play an important role in search terms. You must have to insert the specific keywords to each of your listing products, so that the potential customers can easily find out your products in the search terms.


Give catchy eBay titles 

eBay titles play a vital role in filtering/refining out the potential customers.

Write on the titles, which exactly match with your ebay search queries by customers

The well refining eBay searches helps you to increase the visibility


Product images

Images are the most important element in your product  listings.

eBay’s dedicated page, holds loads of tips on how You can take and insert  perfect photos in your product listings. You can go and read all that info and this will guide you to fix accurate images with color, text, size, angles in your product listing pages.

Clear Description 

Clear item description helps  your product to rank top in relevant user searches, and it also influences the users to buy on your products. 

So carefully write it with a detailed and accurate product description.

Before inserting into your web page make sure twice that the provided information is enough for the users to know about the product completely.


Launching frequent offers

To attract more customers into your eBay store, try to frequently launch some offers to your customers and this will also pay a way to increase your sales.

Low Shipping Fees

Not the offer launching  alone attracts customers, but also the free shipping fee/ low shipping fee will do the same. 

Yes if you provide them with a low shipping fee , this will make them frequently visit your eBay store  and influence them to make more purchases from you.

Customer ratings and feedback

Customer ratings and feedback score on eBay not only impacts your search position, but it also plays a significant role in rushing the users to buy from you.

ebay account with feedback are the key which turn the customer head to the conversion part. If you store loaded with multiple feedback, then it will automatically create a trust on you and make users believe and purchase from you.


Return Policy 

If you implement the buyer-friendly returns policy, then it automatically builds a trust in your sales and  increases your chance of qualifying for Top Rated Seller Status.


Sell internationally 

Extending your sales from your limited zone to international markets, this will be a main tip to make your product listing move up internationally.


Payment Options

Accept multiple payment methods, which is with N number of payment options to your buyers.

This varied payment option helps them to do hassle free purchase


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