How Buy eBay Account- Stealth Account Protect Sellers From eBay Suspension

What is meant by Stealth account

Stealth account act as a self hood to your online business . It's being treated as a new alias between aged eBay account and aged paypal account. in simple terms it is called as the second eBay account or the old eBay account.

In fact, stealth account are manually created by a team of experts, and all our buyebayaccount team members individually have a huge number of  years of experience with the largest online marketplace and payment provider platforms

What makes the eBay account Suspension ?

The main reason for eBay account suspension is that the person failed to follow the strict guidelines set by eBay. 

Next the account may get suspended for not following the contract with the platform. Another thing  if you don’t pay your eBay fees. Also, if you decline to make a refund to a client in a case won by him, you might lose the account.

Most importantly if your ebay payment method is not properly updated or was recently declined, then you have to make the proper corrections to access your account.

Causes Of eBay Account Suspension?


The suspension attacks direct on to your account actions and you will be  limited for a certain period of time. 

The limitations  include bidding, selling and writing feedback to your fellow customers or as a client for 30 days prior to the reinstatement.

Moreover,it will not allow you to add new ones or revise on the existing listings. 

Concurrently it strikes you out, not to have contact with existing listings of the bidders, and also not to reply to the questions on eBay Messages.

Based on the Terms & conditions, all the listings items in the platform  that seem to be violating are removed by moderators. 

These changes will automatically create reflections to the  paypal account also,  which is the payment provider of eBay.

Here comes the Solution for this eBay account suspension

When a suspension happens, it really brings nightmare scenarios to sellers day and stops on all sales suddenly.

This not only pains but also creates a strong awareness to feel safe again. And this  point makes sellers search for ebay account for sale, where it provides a clean slate to continue trading.

buyebayaccount is one of the trusted stealth account sellers in the trade market place, where we help you to  get rid of  ebay account suspension and to restart it with verified ebay accounts for sale.

We have hundreds of stealth fresh accounts  and aged accounts in our portal,In options we have aged US ebay account, US eBay account, aged UK eBay Account, eBay stealth account for sale where you can get each item individually or in packaged manner.

Once you call our expert and book the order then you will be allowed to ease access to our stealth account portal by simply login in with the username and password that we provide you with. 

 Most importantly, the new account as we provided will not share  any of your previously suspended or limited account details

You just need to order and follow our expert advice for cool install the setup and start on to unlimited sale without the fear from ebay suspension.

Additionally all our aged stealth account will last you a lifetime as long as you follow the instructions given to properly run it

How do we differ from other stealth account sellers in the market?

You can buy aged eBay account- stealth account to increase your sales and conversion rates. All these stealth account, comes like high limit ebay account and high eBay feedback score status, which you can you instantly boost your sale at once you start to do listing via that stealth account.

Our experts  spend a lot of time and consideration to create  each and every stealth account and we always ensure that our customers should never experience a suspension or limitation in the future. 

We care about our customers all the time and quickly respond to each one of the queries . We also provide life time consultation for the product complaints. 

Once we receive your complaints the team starts to respond immediately and sort out you from errors. We make our customers satisfied and our service makes them come back to us for continued business.

If you feel that your account does not want to face any suspension then, you can use our services. We provide you the high limit eBay account with verified PayPal accounts included. 

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