How Do eBay Watchlist Improve Your eBay Account sale

eBay Watchlist

Ebay watchlist is nothing but an idea that you have to purchase something on ebay but not immediately, there you have an option to save your item/product into your ebay Watchlist.

In simple terms Watchlist is an option to add your item and keep you reminded for the later purchase. 

Ebay allowed each ebay personal account holder to add 400 items in their watchlist.

And ebay never restricts  buyers with any obligations to buy the items from their Watchlist.

Likewise you, some other buyers also added the same product in their watchlist, and if sellers stock is left over there you will miss the chance of buying

How To Add An Item To Watchlist

Login to your ebay account

Search for the item that you wished to purchase.

If you find your favourite item then add it to Watchlist which is beneath the buying options on the listings

You can also view your watchlist at any time.

For this just Go to My eBay and select Watching list.

There you will notice on all the watchlist items that you have been selected.

To remove an item from the watchlist then simply tick the box beside each item and select Delete. Here you can select single or delete multiple items at once

If you want to filter on your search listings then choose the dropdown to sort listings by most relevant, time left, price, seller ID, or date added

By default all your ebay Watchlist is organized in manner. 

Ebay watch list has the facility to automatically update on the active and ended listings together. 

If you want to separately view on the active or ended listings  there you can filter it separately by choosing the dropdown menu beside Status

eBay notify its users if their watchlist items are going to end soon. 

Note: Another option is to add the wished items to your Watchlist, is by doing the search and  selecting the heart symbol underneath the price and shipping information.

Steps To Turn Off  Your Watchlist email Alerts:

Go to My eBay and click on the Communication preferences 

Next you have to scroll down to the Buyer section

And select the show next to Buying Activity.

Select the dropdown menu beside Watch alert and choose whether to receive real-time alerts or a daily, weekly, or monthly summary. 

If you want to stop the receiving watchlist email alerts then select the none button. 

After selecting the button keep save on it.

What Is The Use Of Watchlist?

Watchlist is one of the main tools to  push your listings in the top search of the eBay results.

It is a key to increase your listing visibility to customers

More your watchlists get selected, the more you get on the sales.

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