eBay Business Account- What Are Its Pros & Cons

Hi readers, well going to create an eBay business account then this blog is for you, read below the pros and cons of getting the eBay business account.

Cons Of Setting An eBay Business Account

Let's discuss the cons first to choose on your ebay business account.

  1. Complicated Taxes

If you are going to register a business on eBay

There you have to handle your eBay income as business income. 

This will make you pay taxes every year, which will increase your work.

  1. More Paperwork

As an ebay seller you have to maintain detailed records of every transaction.

This will help you to easily prepare for tax season.

This doesn’t just mean your eBay sales, but purchases of things you plan to sell on eBay, gas money and mileage while you’re on the job, etc. as well.


Registering a business ebay account can help you to save your money a lot . let's go in brief about this

  1. Higher Selling Limits

Initially eBay inputs selling limits to each of its new sellers.

And restrict them to make sales of a maximum of 10 items per month when you first open an individual account. 

This issue can be resolved, when you start to use a business account, yep there you  will get the access to higher selling limits so you can actually do business

  1. Access to Better Tools & Promotions

With the ebay business account you get the access to use the different tools and promotions. 

But, there are quite a few tools and features on eBay that are restricted to a limited number of sellers, like Promotions Manager. 

  1. Lower Taxes

Although businesses have to pay additional taxes on top of those that individuals pay, they have far more opportunities for deductions. 

  1. The Ability to Use Your Company Name

You can use your company name at the top of your ebay business account.

With this you’re allowed to use company name on all communications with buyers.

  1. Legal Protection

Never use an individual account to run both for your personal and business transactions. 

If you proceed as like that there your work will be considered as bad, yep the individual account not able to hold the transactions details as much as clear.

But the ebay business account always does have the clear transactions reports

Do I Need to Choose a Business Account?

If you are going to sell old products and are going to buy things for personal use then you can open an ebay personal account, it seems to be ok for you.

And in case if you’re going to run a business there it seems a business account to be open better. 

Selling things you’ve purchased or made strictly for the purpose of selling generally counts.

If you own the ebay business account there it is recommended, not to forget to register your business legally.

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